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KACE is an organization founded in 1999 by Korean major coating manufacturers and is being supported also by Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy(MOTIE). Main objective of KACE is to run a training program related with Coating Inspector Qualification & Certification in Korea.
The summary of this program is as follows:
1. Inspector Classes & Prerequisites for Training Application
1.1 Basic Coating Inspector Course
Open to all for the course application
1.2 Advanced Coating Inspector Course
Basic or Intermediate Coating Inspector
1.3 Certified Coating Inspector Examination
Advanced Coating Inspector with minimum 5 years of coating related experience
2. Training Subjects and Certification Method
2.1 Basic Coating Inspector Course
Duration: 48 hours
2.1.1 Subjects
Corrosion basics
Coatings introduction
Coating inspector’s responsibilities
Environmental test instruments
The coating specification & procedures
Inspection procedures and documentation
Surface preparation
Coating application
Coating calculation
Nondestructive test instruments
Field practice lab
Coating failures, etc.
2.1.2 Certification Method
Written & Practical Examination
2.2 Advanced Coating Inspector Course
Duration: 48 hours
2.2.1 Subjects
Concrete coatings
Hot dip galvanizing
Thermal spraying
Coating inspection guideline
Water jetting
Pipeline coatings
Maintenance coatings
Nondestructive test instruments
Destructive test instruments
Coating survey
Cathodic protection
Performance Standard for Protective Coatings, etc
2.2.2 Certification Method
Written & Practical Examination
2.3 Certified Coating Inspector Examination
Candidates are needed only to pass the Peer Review to become a KACE Certificated Coating Inspector.
3. Certificate Symbol as Coating Inspector Training & Certification Organization approved by MOCIE(Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) in 2000.
4. Classification Societies have assessed and approved that the qualification of KACE’s Advanced Coating Inspectors are considered to be equivalent to NACE Coating Inspectors Level 2 and FROSIO Inspectors Level III or meeting the standard as required by IACS(International Association of Classification Societies) Procedural Requirement No. 34, and Unified Interpretation SC 223.
Classification Societies that approved KACE Program are as follows :
4.1 Lloyd’s Register
4.2 American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
4.3 Korean Register of Shipping (KR)
4.4 Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
4.5 Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
4.6 Bureau Veritas (BV)
4.7 Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK)
5. Korean Administration, MOF(Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries) had verified that KACE’s Advanced Coating Inspectors or Certified Coating Inspectors meet the qualification required to perform the coating inspection activities for PSPC(Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for dedicated sea water ballast tanks in all types of ships and double-side skin spaces of bulk carriers), and are also considered to be equivalent to NACE Coating Inspectors Level 2 and FROSIO Inspectors Level III, and this statement was also stipulated in the MOF Regulation of which first issue was made December 14, 2007.
6. KACE inspectors are listed in Korean Standard KMS 132 as approved inspectors who can perform coating inspection of sea water ballast tanks, which was officially published March 17, 2009.
7. The Quality Management System of KACE had been assessed and certified December 20, 2007, to be in accordance with the requirements of the quality standard of ISO 9001, by Korean Standards Association.
Note 1 - MOCIE was renamed to MOTIE(Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy ) in 2013.
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